Testimonial 1:

Susan has provided pet sitting for my multiple pets for 13 years or more. She has won my utmost confidence that she will responsibly care for my pets and my home during my absence. The pets adore her too!

Sharon Robinson

Testimonial 2:

We have two dogs – our girls Molly a 3 year-old Lab, and Annie a 9 year-old Border Collie. We have been using Susan’s services for more than three years now and not only do we love her, but our girls totally adore her! Susan has helped us out when I’m out of town for work by coming over in the middle of the day to play with the girls so when my husband gets home from work with my 6 year old and 8 year old boys, the dogs are exercised and happy! She also has covered for us when we have needed to go on short out-of-town trips on a weekend day and would be gone too long for the dogs to stay by themselves. She is always ultra-responsible and professional and is a pleasure to work with! Her love of dogs is evident in how excited our dogs are when they see her. Susan stopped by our house last Christmas and the dogs went absolutely crazy over her – it is so clear that they totally love her! The fact that the dogs love her along with her professionalism and responsibility have made her a top- notch service provider in every way. We love using Susan and really rely on her help with our girls. You would be very happy with your choice to use her to pet-sit your special friends too!

Lisa G.
Lisa M. Grove
Director, Jarden
(317) 844-2959

Testimonial 3:

I have been using Susan Browning’s Paw Patrol pet sitting services for going on ten years. It seems that my pets have always had unusual requirements and Susan has taken them in stride. She treats my animals with all the love and care that I do and gets just as much a kick out of their various antics as I do. It was a huge comfort to my late husband and me to know we had someone of Susan’s caliber looking after our pets whenever we were away. Now that my husband is gone, it is a comfort to me knowing if I need someone to look after my pets for whatever reason, Susan is just a call or e-mail away.

Testimonial 4:

Susan comes to take Gypsy for a 30-minute mid-day walk, which is one of Gypsy’s favorite activities. We first used Paw Patrol six years ago with our first dog (Frisbee), and Susan has always been available and reliable.Susan always leaves notes to keep us up to date on Gypsy’s activities, and brings in packages/mail left on our front porch. Her availability and flexible schedule make things a lot more manageable when things come up at work, and we recommend her for other dogs’ adventures.

-- Rob & Wendy H.

Testimonial 5:

We have used Susan Browning’s services since 2009, mostly for vacations and when my husband and I are traveling for business at the same time. Susan has a key to my home and all I need to do is call and let her know the dates I need her and she takes care of the rest. She has lovingly cared for 4 of my cats over the years and knows them well. The biggest benefit is they do not have to leave my home, be traumatized by a kennel visit and come home with kennel cough. She will water plants, pick-up mail, and make the house look lived in while we’re gone. She follows my instructions; over the years we’ve had special feeding plans for cats that were ill. She plays with my cats, lets them out on the screened porch for a little daily fresh air and keeps them company. I know they look forward to her visits!

Testimonial 6:

I have been a client of Paw Patrol for the past seven years. Susan Browning is a great pet sitter, and my boxer Kinzie was always so happy to see Susan when I was traveling. Several of my neighbors commented to me that Susan spent a lot of time with Kinzie walking and playing with her while I was away. She was always well cared for, and in great shape when I returned from a trip. Susan’s attention to detail and true concern for Kinzie put my mind at ease while I was traveling as I knew she was in good hands. She also took the time to update me via email on Kinzie if I was traveling for an extended period of time. I would highly recommend Susan and Paw Patrol to anyone looking for pet or house sitting services.

Susanne Wasson Marketing Director
US Crop Protection
Office: 317.337.7594 Mobile: 317.270.8944

Testimonial 7:

We would highly recommend Susan of Paw Patrol. I have known Susan personally for a number of years and I know of her high integrity and her love of animals. Susan has cared for our cats for a few years and they love her and her toys. Her name is well recognized by our pets as they respond at the sound of her name, and when she comes in they come to greet her. Susan is very observant of her surroundings and if she notices something that need attention she addresses the situation. She noticed something out of place, took action, and saved us a very large repair bill. We rate her A+.


Testimonial 8:

As a frequent traveler, I found I was either calling in favors from friends and family to check on my home or dealing with issues pertaining to starting and stopping mail and newspapers. With Susan, I rest assured my home is checked on daily, and my mail and pets are well cared for, even in the drought conditions we had this year. My worries are reduced and I can focus on my travels!

Amy S. Gwinn
Global Business Leader, Canola and Sunflowers

Testimonial 9:

Susan has been my cat "nanny" for several years. During that time I have had anywhere from two to five cats under her care. We have often been gone two weeks in a row only to return for a few days and leave again for a week. She has made immediate emergency trips when I thought I may have shut my old Siamese in the sunroom by accident and we were on our way to the airport and WDW. She ran over to check and of course my kitty was sleeping happily on the bed! What peace of mind that gave me, I cannot adequately explain. She has picked up our mail, watered our flowers, fed and cleaned up after the cats. She has kept an eye on our home when there was a rash of local burglaries. She notices when a kitty loses weight and immediately tells me. She sends texts and photos to my I phone to assure me they are all fine. She provides me with updates about her interaction with them and is sure she visually checks on each cat with every visit. This is not always easy as they like to sleep under furniture! She tells me who played with what toy and who interacted with her the most. My neighbors know her vehicle and tell me she spends quite a bit of time inside my home checking on my cats and interacting with them. I have been very pleased with Susan's service and would highly recommend her to anyone needing a pet service.

Gerrie B